Planting for the Dry Years

Native plants in yard
Living in the west brings with it an issue that many people ignore. We are going to have to survive through the drought years, and our yards will suffer if we don’t plant for them. It is a fact of life in the west. Even though we have many years with adequate rainfall, there are also the ones, like this year, where we have little to no rain. What is a person supposed to do? Consider planting native plants. They use a lot less water, they have adapted to the lack of summer rain and usually require no pruning and very little fertilizing.
Here in Hollister, California we have a local Plant nursery that carries a wide variety of native plants. They are more than happy to help you with picking out the plants that will survive our dry summers and thrive in your yard. They have a wide assortment of plants, everything from grasses to flowers to shrubs and trees and they are a local company and supporting them supports our local economy.

California Native Plants

You can also get more information on rebates and special programs for San Benito County, California at the Water Resource Association of San Benito County. They have several different programs and rebates available right now including a turf removal program, a landscape irrigation hardware rebate and three different water efficient landscape designs for free.
Take the time to make your yard water wise.

Old Glory by Anne Johnson

On this wonderful holiday weekend I would like to take a moment to talk about our flag. I am one of those patriotic people that feels great reverence for our flag… not the cloth, but the significance of what it stands for; all of our hopes, dreams and sacrifices. I think we often take all that we have for granted. It is so easy to live our lives on auto pilot.

I have a couple of very moving memories of our flag…one was a flag retirement ceremony. If you have never been to one of these, contact your local Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts troop to see if you can attend one that they are having. The other memory was right after September 11, 2001. Seeing our flag everywhere, I was so moved with pride and anguish.

The video I am attaching is from an organization called Operation Write Home.

They make cards to send to our heroes over seas, who sometimes have no writing materials available to write home on, especially in the more remote locations.They also send thank you cards to our service people, in appreciation for all they do for us. Sandy Alnock, the founder of the organization is the person talking in the video. She is receiving a flag that was flown in Afghanistan as a gift of appreciation for what the organization does. I hope you enjoy the video.

If you would like to write an “Any Hero Card”, which is a thank you card for a service person and would like to drop it off here at the Realty World Office in Hollister, we can send it to Operation Write Home for you. for more information on the project please go to their website Operation Write Home or feel free to drop by our office and talk to Annie Johnson, our Transaction Coordinator.

Have a safe and delightful 4th of July.